Save up to 30% in your electricity bill by raising your energy efficiency without affecting your process.


Estimate your expenses and easily control your goals.


Detect abnormal consuptions and failures before they even happen.


Become more visible in the market and support sustainable development.

Have no control over your energy spendings?
We have the solution.


Energy measurement

The data is collected through a non-invasive sensor installed on the master switch, on the circuit breakers of the monitored areas and on critical equipment.


IoT technology

The energy comsuption data collected is sent to our cloud servers using IoT technology, wirelessly.


From data to information

The data is processed using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and is transformed into actionable information, helping in decision-making.


Costs under control

Notifications and reports are sent to the most suitable users, so informed decisions are made and problems are solved as soon as possible.

Our team

Saulo Rodrigues

3 years of experience with energy and startups

Lucas Coelho

Masters student in Electrical Engineering and experience with Hardware and IT

Matheus Rungue

Internationally awarded designer

Gabriel Pasa

Masters student in Electrical Engineering and skilled in Artificial Intelligence

Rogger Lacerda

8 years of experience with web/mobile development

Know more about the system

Newatt offers features for financial managers, maintenance managers and other collaborators. Features are tailored to suit the needs of the different users.

Cost estimation

Based on the energy consuption behaviour and historical data, the system can estimate the value of the bill at the end of the month, helping your company's financial planning.

Separate costs

Using the gathered data, the system can identify how much energy each facility, sector or equipment uses, making it easy to structure costs and prioritize actions.

Maintenance Calendar

Detect equipment's abnormal consumption patterns which could indicate failures and schedule maintenance appointments with one click.

Real-time notifications

The system sends notifications in real time to the web dashboard and mobile devices, so information is always up-to-date and problems can be addressed as soon as possible.

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